“Micro-Needling” is when a facial tool called derma roller is used on the skin, it is a roller with micro-needles and a very popular treatment typically performed by dermatologists.  Well that has all changed! Now you can experience the benefits of an in-home visit at the comfort of your home.


Kerry Benjamin the creator of Stacked Skincare tells me some of the benefits of derma-rolling:

  1. Stimulates collagen production
  2. Increases product absorption

It is very simple to add it to your daily routine: After cleansing your face simply apply your serum of choice and start rolling, once you are done, apply more serum or your night cream.


How to use the roller on your skin:


Vertically, horizontally and diagonally on your face for no more than two minutes (except eyelids) two or three times per week preferably at night to let your skin regenerate.  You can even use it on your lips!


Your skincare products will be penetrating deeper so make sure the serums you apply are specific to your skin type or pick one in particular that will improve something you are trying to target (acne, scars, age-spots, wrinkles.)


If you are looking for more potent results you can add a peel once a week to exfoliate the skin before applying your serum and rolling.



Once a week apply a peel before your serum.

Image result for sonage glow to go



Apply serum or cream.

Image result for osea malibu essential hydrating oil


Roll the derma-roller on your face.

Image result for stacked skincare derma roller


Repeat step 2.

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