June 12, 2017 rdhadmin

A commercial full excitement and fun!!  Shot with a real live grizzly bear, at an aquarium and I personally had to skydive twice for this role!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbqA2ONUCzo Starring: Carlos Peña Vega, Mireya Rios, Emily Sears, Alexa Losey, Nick Hissom  

June 9, 2017 rdhadmin

I went skydiving TWICE for this commercial and I loved it.  I am so happy to have helped put this video together.  I absolutely love this app and that is why I am one of their brand ambassadors. This video was shot with various social media influencers including Carlos Peña-Vega, Emily Sears, Romeo Lacoste, Alexa Losey and Nick Hissom all of which I loved working with. This video will always be very dear in my heart as my scene took place the day my grandmother passed away.  I actually had to go skydiving twice for the shoot, something that I…